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Connection and Closeness Encore

Connection and Closeness

Four myths to bust
To get back to being friends,
Rebuild intimacy, and
Stay close for the rest of your lives.


With Dr. Sarah Rattray, PhD

In this class you will learn about:

  • The common relationship myth that is keeping you from being happy together forever
  • Why you have to outsmart evolution to stay close
  • What you need to know about nurturing a calm relationship filled with intimacy and peace
  • What’s in the way of creating the life you dream with your perfect partner by your side


A FREE live training showing you that the two of you CAN achieve the connection you dream of.


This is for couples who might be struggling with distance or disconnection and want to feel energized and nourished by their close connection and support together.

Your Host
Dr. Sarah Rattray, Couples Psychologist, has helped couples take their relationships from struggling to thriving and beyond for thirty years. She now brings all the tools she’s helped couples with in her office, to couples at home. Not therapy, but powerful training for relationship change.